Monday, February 24, 2014

Excellent Customer Service at Starbucks in Atlanta Airport

Being in the Customer Service business, I'm always evaluating my personal customer service experiences.  My husband and  I were at the Atlanta Airport last week

Friday, February 14, 2014

Crazy Atlanta Weather

     During the bad weather conditions this year, we prepared for the situation and had all of our agents stay in the local hotel.  We checked that our natural generators were in tip top shape and even rented a portable gas generator for any unexpected emergency.  We bought food for lunch and dinner at the office, since we expected to be here for several days.  We spent 3 nights at the hotel and many of us worked 8+ hour shifts each day.  We are happy to be able to be here and we fell blessed to receive special messages such as this, from our clients...

Superior Answering Service, we appreciate you having our back during this snow/ice event as well as the one we had 2 weeks ago. Your service and dedication is extremely valuable to us. 

Elaine Nail
Animal Control Experts LLC